Our Mission

We pledge to:
  • Continue being an honest company, no matter how much we grow.
  • Put your best interest above making more profit.
  • Never harm a person or an animal in the process of conducting our business. Not today, not in the future when we become a mega-corporation.
  • Continue improving our sustainability practices, and be kind to our planet and the environment.
  • Continue supporting and empowering the underprivileged, in the pursuit of securing safe and dignified living, through healthcare support, funding of educational programs and computers, development programs, work opportunities, and raising awareness about social injustices and human rights. We pledge to give 10% of our profits, with no tax deductions or financial benefits to Base Beauté, towards this mission.

Some social causes we aim to support:


Gauri Sawant has become a sensation after defying the laws of her country, by becoming a transgender mother in India, saving an orphan child from being sold into sex trafficking.


Listen to her story, and and that of many inspirational people who have done so much good in the world: