Rose-Infused Orange Blossom (Toner Mist)

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This toner gets its gorgeous color after we infuse Indian rose petals and French lavenders in orange blossom water for weeks. Essential oils, witch hazel and a touch of apple cider vinegar are added to create a mist that is powerful enough for blemish and acne skin, but gentle, soothing and hydrating to dry and sensitive skins. Comes in a beautiful glass bottle. like all of our organic skin care products. Handmade, Vegan, and of course, Cruelty-Free.

  • Orange Blossom Water infused with Indian rose and French lavender
  • Witch Hazel
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

Use when you feel that your skin needs a little balancing, particularly when it feels oilier or dryer than usual. Or when you want to refresh your face and makeup midday (and enjoy the beautiful, soothing scent).

Spray once or twice onto a cotton pad and wipe the face clean.
Or close your eyes, and from a few inches away, spray directly onto your face to refresh your skin and makeup.